In order to start a career as a cosmetologist, there are a few things one must follow. Although it varies with each state, a person needs to graduate from a cosmetology school in order to get their license. Many states do not require you being a high school graduate, while others do.

Although when a person first starts off as a cosmetologist, their earnings may be minimal, they do have a chance of increasing their earnings as they gain more experience and get more clients.

What does a cosmetologist do? A cosmetologist can treat hair, skin, nails and can also offer massage and other salon treatments. In this profession, a cosmetologist may specialize in one specific area of expertise or be educated in all. A cosmetologist can recommend other treatments that she cannot perform herself.

A cosmetologist may be a beauty professional, but they may also be in charge of cleaning their beauty tools and supplies, answering phones, making appointments with clients, file records and order more tools.

It is up to the cosmetologist to improve a client’s appearance. A cosmetologist should be very comfortable working with people and really want to help them achieve the best look possible for their skin type, face type, etc. Cosmetologists should try to understand each client’s personality so that they can recommend products that really suite them personally. It is the cosmetologists’ duty to keep up with all fashion and beauty trends so that they can know what to suggest to their clients.

A cosmetologist has very flexible hours and is usually based on their clients and their appointment times. It depends on the cosmetologists as to what hours they like to work and when they want to schedule their clients in. However, no matter how they set their schedule, the one thing that is for sure is that all cosmetologists are on their feet for many hours of the day. You really need to be able to stand pretty much all day if you want to be in this profession.

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